Awkened wolf, cleric-in-training to the God of Secrets, designated moral compass


Name: Liam
Player: Argus
Alignment: Neutral Good
Size: Medium
Race: Wolf
Level: -
EXP: 0
Next level: 1000

Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 17 +3
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 11 0
Willpower 15 +2
Charisma 9 -1

HP 20
AC 15
Touch 13
Flat Footed 12
Speed 50 ft

Fortitude +2
Reflex +3
Will +2

Melee +2
Ranged +4
Init +3

Hide +7
Move Silently +7
Spot +4

Bite Attack
4 Attack, 1d61 damage, x2 Critical, Piercing
Trip attack as free action on hit

Wolf-Fitted Leather Armor
+2 AC, +6 Max Dex, 0 Armor Penalty

Holy Symbol (Collar)
34 Platinum Pieces

Trip Attack
Weapon Finess (Bite)


Liam was just a pup, and still didn’t have a name when he came under the care of a wandering druid. His pack had been decimated by recent events, and with no one to care for him, the druid took him on as a companion. Over the next eight years, he grew up strong under the guidance of the old man, learning to survive in the wilds of his birth, as well as the dozens of other lands they traveled to, learning how to understand the language of man, and learning how to fight and defend his master.
It wasn’t until his ninth year that the wolf truly began to learn, though. The old druid, shortly before he died, bestowed upon his various wildlife followers the sharp mind and intellect of the higher races, already having spend years teaching them the wisdom to match it, bit by bit. With their master’s death, the animals went their separate ways, to explore the world with newly opened eyes.
His wanderings took the wolf to even farther places than he ever reached with the old man, and eventually he came to a forest of dry pine and cold sunlight, far from the winter lands of his birth. It was here that he first tried to make contact with a human settlement, to disastrous results. The townsfolk, not believing him to be anything but a rogue animal, wounded him badly before he narrowly escaped them, stumbling bleeding into the woods.
As the wolf began to think his short life as a thinking creature would be coming to an end in the middle of these foreign woods, on the bank of a too-warm lake, he was startled by the presence of a robed human before falling into unconsciousness.
When the wolf awoke, he was indoors, laid out on a table. His wounds were cleaned and bandaged, and there was food and a bowl of water waiting for him, as well as the figure that had come to his rescue. When the priest turned around, the wolf was surprised at how very similar he was to his own old master. The priest talked to the wolf for a while, as he ate, addressing him as Liam, “in memory of my dear grandson”, and chattering on about all manner of things.
When Liam finished his food and took up conversation, the priest nearly had a heart attack. But after the initial shock, the conversation turned to one of the monastery they were in. The priest explained it to be a place of learning, in service to the God of Secrets, the Nameless One. Liam, intrigued by the concept of higher knowledge, was quickly accepted into the order, and spent several years getting to know the priests and scholars of the monastery and their store of knowledge, training to one day be a priest himself.
There was another in the monastery, however, who was a close friend to Liam. A giant of a man, rescued in a similar way to Liam himself from the cruelty of the outside world. He spent less time among the scrolls and books of the library, and more honing his skills in battle and strength, an activity Liam would often join him in, and the two quickly became friends. When he one day decided that his life was one of a wanderer, helping those outside the walls, and left, Liam saw opportunity and went with him, swearing an oath to the Nameless to one day return bearing new knowledge to add to the great libraries, and to keep his friend safe from those treacherous perils that strength alone could not overcome.


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